Alexander Stein

Alexander Stein - Volume0dB
Alexander Stein - Volume0dB

Alexander Stein is a german composer, studio musician, music producer and sound engineer.


In the early 70th he took lessons in playing organ. In times of rock he was inspired by organ heroes like Jon Lord (Deep Purple), Rick van der Linden (Exception) and Gregg Alan Rolie (Santana).


At the age of 16 he began to construct electronic organs and audio equipment.


He studied engineering in electronics and acoustics and is the studio engineer.


He preferes Relaxing Music, Electronic, Dance, Trance and Rock with classic elements, some Jazz, Funk and Cinematic Music.


Volume0dB ® is a trademark used by Alexander Stein since 2009, when he set up his studio. Volume0dB is a word created from volume (the soundlevel) and 0 dB (the reference level). The 0 in the logo also is a stylized Coda, a term used in music. The special goal of the studio is, to implement music production as a full electronic process, from improvisation, composition, arrangement, recording, mixing, mastering right up to distribution, sales and marketing. All music is "studio-music". 


Ambient Sounddesign was set up in 2010 as stage name of a project by Alexander Stein.


Focus of Ambient Sounddesign are synthesizer and electronic effects. For the use of acoustic instruments, virtual instruments are utilized, which are reproduced with high-quality sample players. To enrich the background sounds and effects, also natural sounds and electronically processed ones are used. The results are sound sculptures that are not marked like traditional music of rhythm, harmony or notes , but impress with its hovering sound of nature, reality and surrealism.


Ambient Sounddesign focus on the music genres Electronic, Ambient, Trance.


Alexander Stein is not only a producer of music. He has several other interests, notably to photograph and write humorous-ironical short stories.